Construction data and technical data

  • All buildings have a Class B energy label.
  • The buildings’ foundation is a combined band and plate foundation.
  • Walls are made of wooden frame and 250 mm of mineral wool as insulation inside the frame. The walls are covered with boarding on the outside and gypsum board on the inside.
  • The walls between apartments in twin houses and row houses are double-layered to ensure good sound insulation.
  • The roof structure has wooden trusses with 350 mm of bulk wool between them. The roof covering is high-quality rolled sheet steel.
  • The heating source is a local gas boiler in every building’s technical room; the first storey has floor heating, the second storey has convection radiators. Humid rooms also have electrical floor heating. Ventilation has heat recovery; air is supplied to bedrooms and the rest of living space, and extracted via kitchen extractor and from humid rooms, with adjustable power.
  • All buildings are connected to central water supply and sewage network. Gustavsberg ARTIC series toilets and sinks and Hansgrohe TALIS E series mixers and shower heads are installed. Connections are available for a washing machine and a dishwasher; the courtyard has an outdoor valve for irrigation water.
  • There is a sufficient number of power outlets installed.
  • All land plots except Helsinki have a white wooden picket fence at the street side, with a car gate and a wicket gate. The other three sides of the land plots have low hedge, and a metal mesh fence at the border of the residential area. There are also short hedges separating the courtyards of twin houses and row houses.
  • Access roads are paved with asphalt up to the land plot border. Driveways, walkways and squares within the land plot are paved with concrete tiles. The parking spaces beside the carports of row houses are established on lawn reinforced with plastic mesh.
  • The ground around the buildings is levelled; fertile soil is installed and lawn is sown.
  • Additionally, asphalt-paved driveways and roads for walking and cycling have been constructed, together with street lighting and park grounds..


Exterior finishing is designed by the architect, using high-quality, durable materials and paying attention to harmony. The boarding is painted in different colours. The roof, outside window frames, eaves and other metals structures are painted dark grey (RAL 7024); the building’s socle is plastered and painted dark grey.