Helsinki is a row house with one to three apartments having 117.3 m2 and two apartments having 119.3 m2 of overall space; it is a wooden building with a simple rectangular shape, 2 storeys, a low gable roof, and a wooden façade. At the street side, the façades are enlivened and made lighter by lower unheated storage places. The carport is located at the building’s end as seen from the street side, and has similar style to the storage places. The storage places are connected by a horizontal beam carrying hanging horizontal lattices which enlighten the street-side façades. Narrow vertical windows balance the building’s overall horizontal look. The courtyard side is enlightened by balconies, horizontal lattices reaching down from them, and an inter-terrace wall between apartments that turns to balcony awning consoles.

All apartments involve two storeys. The first storey houses a kitchen and a living and dining room as living space, and a storm porch, two storage rooms, a toilet room and an entrance hall as other space. The second storey houses two bedrooms as living space and a hall, a joint washing room / housekeeping room, a sauna and a toilet room as other space. The storeys are connected by stairs.

The building’s side has a joined carport with parking space for each apartment, plus parking spaces beside the carport and terraces at the courtyard side. The building’s front side has an unheated storage place connected to the carport, and a technical room. The largest bedroom on the second storey has access to a balcony overseeing the courtyard.