Kopenhagen is a residence with 161.6 m2 of overall space; it is a wooden building with a simple rectangular shape, 2 storeys, a low gable roof, and a wooden façade. At the street side, the façade is enlivened by free window placement, a partial façade recess above the entrance, and varied façade materials in two main colours. The courtyard-side is made lighter by a console eave cover, a balcony and a horizontal lattice reaching from the balcony to the front of the terrace.

The first storey houses a kitchen, a living room, a dining room and a bedroom/office as living space, and a storm porch, an entrance hall, a storage room, a toilet room and a technical room as other space. The second storey houses three bedrooms as living space, and a hall, a joint bathroom / housekeeping room, a sauna and a toilet room as other space. The storeys are connected by stairs.

The first storey is connected to a carport for 2 cars, and a courtyard-side terrace. The carport is connected to an unheated storage place. The second storey hall has access to a balcony overlooking the courtyard.