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Majad ENG

Sininõmme buildings

The residences are done in the Scandinavian style, designed by internationally renowned Finnish architects from the design office Cederqvist & Jäntti Architects. The residences are of four types with similar architecture, having two storeys and a low gable roof. The volume is enlivened and divided by a carport, a step-back entry on the front façade, and a wooden lattice connected to a balcony and a terrace on the courtyard side. The façade is mainly covered with wooden boarding, enlivened by wide horizontal boarding on the courtyard side and between windows. The building’s façade materials are in two main colours which are contrasting, yet close to nature. The buildings are sized 117.3 — 195.3 m2 and placed on their land plots
in a way that avoids disturbing the privacy of neighbours but allows remaining close to them if needed. The house is situated in the front part of the built-up area, at the same line with other residences on the street. The land plot is accessed directly from the street; the layout of the buildings and the parking space leaves most of the land plot as greenery for the residents’ use for resting and other purposes. The land plots are surrounded with perimeter fences. The construction material is wood — a healthy and human-friendly material. Thanks to a modern room planthe living space is spacious and well lit. A carefully considered layout of the building helps keep the household costs down. Read more about the offered buildings below.

Tutvustus ENG

New wholesome living environment


Sininõmme is a modern garden city located between Narva and Narva-Jõesuu, with residence and rest awaiting people who value nature and quiet. Sininõmme is a wholesome living environment where modern buildings stand beside parks and recreation areas and where a kindergarten and playgrounds are planned. The residential area with modern planning that will be created at Sininõmme in a few years is a separate green garden city with convenient access to Narva for work and business and to Narva-Jõesuu for a seaside holiday. The centre of the residential area houses a park forest with natural beauty, together with recreational areas and walking paths; Tõrvajõgi River flows though the settlement and its banks will be kept open for walkers.

In the future, a 14 km long well-lit health and sports trail will be constructed in immediate vicinity of Sininõmme, to connect Narva and Narva-Jõesuu and to extend the recreational and sporting opportunities even more. All utilities needed for the residential area (roads and street lighting, electricity, gas and water supply, sewage, storm water sewage) will be constructed as a unified system.

LOCATION (look on the Google Maps)

Sininõmme Village is one of the oldest Estonian settlements; already our ancestors considered Sininõmme the best place to live around Narva. Today, Sininõmme is a part of the Narva Futura living and business environment being constructed to encompass the region between Sininõmme and the city of Narva. The goal of Narva Futura is to build a wholesome modern city environment: the area is planned to have sections for small residences, apartment blocks, business and trade, and the centre of the future city space. By now, stage I of Narva Business Park is completed of the project. The residential quarter comprised of residences with similar architecture is located along the Peeterristi-Kudruküla road, in Tõrvajõe Village, Vaivara Municipality. The chosen location is convenient for both car owners and people using public transport; there is good bus connection with Narva and bus stops are located both in the centre of the area and along the road at the entry into the village. Sininõmme will have streets with good pavement; the roads leading to Narva and Narva-Jõesuu are also in good condition.